Whatever Happened to Normal?

            On Thursday, January 14th V Magazine finally released their “Size Issue”, which includes Plus Size models. For the first time the Fashion Industry is taking a stand on size.  Designers are calling an end to size 0 clothing samples and are embracing the plus size model. The fashion world considers a size 8 plus sized and sizes 0 to 2 are considered runway size.
            Now whatever happened to sizes 3,4,5,6, and 7. What happened to the normal size girl ? The one who isn’t too big or too small and not to short or to tall. Some critics feel the plus size girls featured in V Magazine are just too big and the skinny models are just too small. Girls across the country have been asking magazines to put normal size girls, like themselves, on their covers.
           But, it seems magaiznes are getting the wrong idea. Recently Seventeen Magazine got the wrong message from its readers. Editor-in-chief of Seventeen, Ann Shoket, told her readers the magainze does choose real girls for their covers such as Taylor Momsen, who is 16  years old 5’7 and 108 pounds. Now is that a real girl?
         I’m sorry to say but most of the time Hollywood A-listers are not real girls. Many are pressured by the industry and often slim down to fit the mold.  Fashion is a supply and demand industry right now the demand is the regular girl, lets see if the industry can supply.

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