Grammy’s 2010 ReCap

Kanye West was no where to be found as Taylor Swift one a Grammy for Album of the Year. Beyonce did it again with an awesome performance to her hit single “If I were a Boy” and breaking a record winning a total of six Grammy’s for the night. Lady Gaga was outrageous as usual in a performance of Speechless/Poker Face which included Elton John and a Girogio Armani custom designed sea-foam bejeweled leotard topped with line backer shoulder pads, matching booties, and hot pink eye patches. Pink spiraled overhead in a nearly nude body suit while sprinkling jewels over the audience performing the song “Glitter in the Air”. Britney Spears showed up sane but practically wearing the same dress she wore in 2001 and finally Michael Jackson’s kid showed up on stage to receive their fathers award. Both were nervous but dressed in total Michael uniform.
Seriously is it 2001?
Oh Taylor
Lady Gaga in Armani Prive

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