Spanx’s for Men

Photo:Courtesy of Huffington Post
Finally there’s something to suck in those beer bellies and moobs introducing–– Spanx’s for Men. The line promises cotton compression undershirt which retail $55 for a tank and $58 for a V-neck T-shirt. The founder of spanks, Sara Blakely says in a press release, 

“Men’s undershirts have been underperforming for as long as they’ve been around, with stretched out necks and bulky cuts that do nothing for the male physique…The men in my life (and in Hollywood) have been asking me to make Spanx for men for years, so I was inspired to create comfortable and powerful undershirts that provide instant gratification without gimmicks. It’s your favorite T-shirt without your least favorite part…love handles.”

Spanx for male’s won’t be available until March 15th at Neiman Marcus. [StyleWatch]

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