HD Makeup

Photo: Courtesy of Fashionista

On February 25th MAC will launch a new line entitled Tabloid. For the first time the company will launch its high-def makeup collection to the public. In the past high-def makeup was marketed to makeup artists, who used the makeup for those on TV. Unlike other HD collections Tabloid does not have to be put on with an airbrushing tool or fancy makeup brushes. This HD makeup should enhance your look and smooth out your foundation.  The bloggers at Fashionista say, “There’s a true red long-wear lipstick called Lasting Lust, a shimmering plum color–also for the lips–called Night Plum, and for the eyes, a new mascara in chocolate brown that promises to increase the fullness of your lashes by 112%. (Yes, a very random number, but maybe that makes it more likely to be accurate?).” The Tabloid collection will be tested on models backstage at New York Fashion Week. [Fashionista]
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