Ports 1961 –– Runway Review

Photos: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images for IMG (3)

Designer: Tia Cibani, Ports 1961

Inspiration: “My collection is inspired by the relationship between discover and invention”

Top Trends: The men’s look continued in Ports 1961’s latest line. Models walked the runway in equestrian pants and oxfords. The fall colors emulated the collection with lots of browns, greens, purples, and watercolors. Metallics were a big part of the line as it bottomed out short tweed jackets. 

Who Was There: Whitney Port, Olivia Palermo

Accessories: The belts cinched models waist in coats and dresses. Ballet flats return with the pairing of maxi dresses.  Models wore leather helmets with flat hair or their hair was free flowing with big ringlet afro curls.  

Fashionique’s Take: The line was very safe but wearable. The most daring part of the collection might have been the backless coats and the mosaic necklaces. Cibani’s looks were very original but bland, simply the collection was safe. 


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