“Ping” A Social-Networking Hoodie That Updates Your Every Move

Photo Courtesy of Ecouterre
People thought the invention of twitter was like virtual stalking, but its nothing compared to “Ping”. Created by Jennifer Darmour of Electricfoxy, Ping is a fashionable hoodie made for those who are Facebook obsessed. The hoodie wirelessly connects to your account anywhere you are and records every move you make.  

Sewn-in electronics register every move you make and updates your status accordingly.

That means by popping your hood, tieing a bow, zipping, buttoning or just moving and your facebook status could be updated with your latest fashion move. But that just may get annoying, so of course you can customize what each of your spontaneous moves may mean.  Just imagine zipping up and relaying “its so cold” or putting on your hood and saying “its totally about to rain”. The possibilities are endless.  And don’t forget its takes two to communicate so when your friend “Ping’s” you back you get a light tap on your shoulder.  A price is yet to be determined. [Ecouterre]

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