Galliano Brings Barbie to the Dior Cruise Collection

John Galliano went to Shanghai and brought Barbie with him as he revealed the Dior Cruise Collection. Models walked the runway and looked like they came straight out of a 60s fashion magazine with bouffant hairdos , bright colors and pink lipstick. The models looked very much ready to jump into a pink convertible and drive to their dollhouse to meet Ken. With their svelte figures and snobby looks, it was easy to see that Galliano was dreaming about the Parisian girl as he created his latest collection. The show opened with a pink leather plisse and proceeded with flirty frocks, leather jackets and finally with closed with dramatics gowns. “I didn’t want to come here and present a Chinese-inspired collection to my Chinese friends,” the designer said a day before the show. “I’m the ambassador of the house of Dior and I wanted to come here with a French-inspired collection and to show the savoir-faire of France.”


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