Miley Cyrus Needs to Be Tamed

Photo Courtesy x17online & Armando Franca/AP

I think we can all understand that Miley Cyrus is trying to shed her “Hannah Montana” image. However, there is a line between shedding your pop star image and shedding your clothes. Clearly Miley Cyrus has crossed that line as she wears Lady Gaga like corsets while performing in front of a teen audience. Or as she walks into her hotel wearing daisy dukes and Alexander Wang peep toe sky high heels and exits showing her midriff. This past week Cyrus teetered around in 7-inch Christian Louboutin peep-toe lace ups. It was evident that she could barely walk or stand the pain. Being a 17 year-old like Cyrus I can understand the eagerness to grow up, however, there is a difference between growing up and slutting up.


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