The Future of Denim

The Denim by Première Vision trade fair is a biannual fair order for denim and sportswear fabrics. Manufacturers present their latest fabrics, colors, and trends for  the next season. The top trends for the in coming months seem to be black denim, mirrored surface, denim draping, and denim shirting (shirting are materials used to make shirts such as stripes and plaid).  For girls they predict a continued low crotch and the return of the carrot style. The carrot style is very 80s chic, high waisted, wide at the hips and a narrow at the bottom. Its like an upscale skinny jean. Speaking skinnies that trend is sure to continue for another three years at least.  Designers are working on a range of new denim from velvet jeans to mood changing jeans.  There is even talk of a non-chaffing jean made possible by wine and grape extracts. Best of all is the talk of the “jeather” jean/leather pants, I’m not keen on this idea.  [Refinery 29 via WWD]










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