Good Morning: Fashionique Has Been Revived

Hello Fashioniqua’s

I’m back and ready to revitalize you with latest trends and fashion news. You must’ve been dying without me. Let me just give you a quick update. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know by now Lindsay Lohan went to jail.

She’ll probably be out sometime this week even though she’s suppose to serve 90 days. Taylor Momsen from gossip girl has been running her mouth again about how not to compare her to Miley Cyrus. In a recent interview for MTV she dropped the f-bomb for no apparent reason as she was commenting on her style. Apparently her style is a hit with the fashion world even though I don’t approve. She’s the new face of John Galliano’s new perfume and the face of Madonna’s Material Girl line.

Speaking of perfume Katy Perry has a new perfume called “Purrr” which she says “I was very particular about this.…I couldn’t put out something that I didn’t 100 percent believe in. Even my cat, Kitty Purry, likes it.” Well Its great to know her cat likes it now there is a real selling point. Of course there is way more to fill you in on but the fashion world never stops so its time for me to get back to blogging and for you to sit back and start reading.

Love Always



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