Dakota Starts Picking her clothes for college at NYU

Can you believe Daokta Fanning is starting college! I guess I should believe it because I just started college too. Fanning will begin her freshmen year at NYU sometime this fall and she has the same concerns of every college girl. What will she wear? Dakota remarks,“Going to college is a bit different than going back to high school. You can kind of wear whatever you want, and I had a uniform in high school.”  But don’t even think for a second that Miss Fanning will set into the frumpy look of typical college students she says,

“If you ever catch me in sweatpants in class, that’s not good,”joked the star.“I’ve tried not to dress like that.”

The L.A. native says she is prepared for the New York chill and has brought lots of coats and of course her “Hunter” rain boots. Unlike other college students, Fanning has a designer friend that can help her out with her wardrobe choices. Don’t forget Fanning is the face of Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!  perfume campaign.



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