Louis Vuitton Carousel Collection

It was white, bright and pretty.

The show began with a life-sized carousel and models perfectly perched on white horses. Marc Jacobs returned to the 1960s Jackie-O era for the Louis Vuitton spring collection. The clothes were light and airy with feathers and delicate flowers. 60’s cap sleeves,  full skirts, and lacy collars decked the runway. The color palette was simply full of creams and pastels. Kate Moss closed the show again in a short white frock wafting with feathers. Afterwards Jacobs told reporters, “[I have] an attitude about being consistent, so I thought, you know what, we’re going to consistently close the show with Kate Moss,”

The meaning of the carousel for Jacobs:

 It’s also a bit of a metaphor about this cycle of fashion and how it goes around and around, and regardless of what your references are, whatever you choose to look at, it’s just cyclical…We had one of the horses in the office, because all the girls had to pose on it during the fittings. So I did get on it and did some crazy poses.



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