Coffee News: Celebrities and their Dark ROOTS

I believe it is a total faux pas when a blondes roots are showing through. Skunk head is not a look, but according to older celebrities the looks if youthful and trendy. If you take a look at famous blondes like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss their dark roots are highly visible. Easily they could get a touch up with the snap of their fingers but have you ever thought they ask for this skunk look when they go to salons.

In order to appear more youthful older celebs are asking for their roots to be died darker then their ends. It shows that even at 40 something their roots remain dark instad of gray. Hence the trending skunk head look. Obviously this trend is more popular among older woman and the worst part, it’s really catching on. So now when you reach for the Nice ’n’ Easy Root Touch Up box make sure you choose a darker shade. And for those of you who aren’t greying well guess what you can save tons of money by letting your roots grow out. Who knew pure laziness could become a trend.


2 thoughts on “Coffee News: Celebrities and their Dark ROOTS

  1. Quite harsh commentary don’t ya think? You will be 40 something before you know what hits you…it happened to me. Be kind.

    PS: My roots are dark too.

  2. I will admit I am quite harsh, but it is my opinion. When people dye their hair to enhance their natural color or change their natural color I usually don’t like it. It’s a big pet peeve of mine. And I have nothing against people who are 40 something or older rock your style, your hair, and remain true to yourself. This is Fashionique. I’m here to critique.

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