Celebrity Pregnancy Camouflage

Credit: GSI Media

Credit: Daniel Mauceri/INF

 Just a few years ago pregnant celebs would make every effort to show the world their growing baby bump. Even if that meant wearing a shirt that read ” Bun in the Oven”. And now things turn once again, pregnant celebs like Beyonce and Hilary Duff are beginning to conceal their baby bumps. Beyonce showed her’s off at first I mean doing forget the VMA’s this past August. Hilary Duff announced her pregnancy on her website and twitter and now the both B and Hil have camouflaged their bumps, but in the most fashionable ways of course. Beyonce has chosen to wear scarves and very billowy shirts or baby doll tops, while Hilary makes every effort to make her bump unnoticeable, which includes the strategic purse in front of the tummy trick.  Maybe these ladies are trying to keep their babies out the limelight. I mean world’s obsession with other  people’s pregnancies is kind of weird, don’t you think?


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