Halloween for the Stars- Beyonce the Pregnant Bee and Jessica the “Mummy”

So how did the pregnant celebs dress up for Halloween? I know it’s the question on everyone’s mind. Beyonce went the worker bee route with a big furry bee vest that basically camouflaged her bump. Jessica Simpson decided it was finally time to announce her very obvious pregnancy and of course she did it via Twitter. “It’s true – I’m going to be a mummy!” she announced along with a picture of herself dressed as a mummy cradling her baby bump. I have to say the picture isn’t her best. Pregnant or not she could have done better. I know it’s Halloween but the hair is too much her nails look a little weird and does she really need to be wearing those huge wedges.  Come on people you’re pregnant stop it with the 9inch heels you need to balance yourself and a whole other person duhh. Oh and I can’t forget the cutest pregnant celeb Hilary Duff. She displayed her baby bump posing as a bank robber with her hubby and I have to say she looked cute except for that belt going across her waist. Pregnant or not that is so 2006.

Credit: (Beyonce) Jackson Lee/Splash News Online, Jessica Simpson Twitter, Hilary Duff Twitter

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