Kim Kardashian’s Divorcée Wear

Credit: Splash News Online

So after announcing you’re divorcing your husband after 72 days what do you wear to the airport as you jetset to runway from it all? Well a J.Lo track suit no. Something more plain, simple, boring. Kim Kardashian looked glum in a white tee, leather jacket, suede boots, and black pants as she made her way through tons of paparazzi in LAX. Massive aviators covered her eyes making  hard to question if she was happy, sad, or indifferent.

Truthfully, i see Kim K. as genius. Its the biggest publicity stunt of a lifetime date for 6 months, get a $2 million engagement ring, have a $10 million televised wedding, and the get divorced. I wonder if the divorce will be televised too. Just watch the marriage fall apart on the premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Now just think isn’t this the perfect time to get a divorce in order to get publicity for the show. I told you she was a genius.


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