Winterize- Make Cold Weather “Cool”

The saying goes less is more, but it’s not true. As the temperature dips and winter days approach more is more because layers are fabulous. The thought should never cross your mind that you need to be half-naked to look cute. Their are plenty of winter accessories that will keep you warm and cute all at the same time.

Wear oversized cardigans as dresses with tights or thigh high socks the look is comfortable and alluring.

Layer up with scarves, they bring any outfit to life and their are just so many styles out their from a cow neck to just ultra long.

Hats, hats, hats….big, furry, fitted, knitted, hats are sexy people. They’re like socks for you’re head and for those who don’t think they look good in hats, there is a hat out there for you. Trust me.

Or you can look to the alternative ear muffs which are like warm fashionable headphones without music hehehe.

Most of all don’t forget about gloves. Glittens are my favorite (mitten/glove) they are the best alternative to staying warm and also being text savvy.

So get winterizing people because the cold weather is coming.


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