The Fur Vest–Wear it Right

Wearing fur can go one of three ways.

1. You wear a fur vest and it totally works

2. You wear a fur vest and it’s too furry. So there fur is going in your mouth and you look like a walking bear in a pair of stilettos 

3. You wear fur and PETA attacks you. 

I’m here to make sure wearing fur always goes way number one. Deciding to wear any type of fur is a very risky decision. In order to avoid problem situation number three just wear faux fur. Who can really tell the difference these days and besides do you really want to kill an animal just to be fashionable. In order to avoid situation number two begin by looking in the mirror. And ask yourself: Is this fur overwhelming? Is there something in my mouth? Do I look like a bear? If you can answer NO to each of these questions then you are well on your way to achieving situation number one.

Wearing fur should be an easy fashionable task, but make sure you follow the guidelines.

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