Bell Bottoms:The Pant to Wear Grocery Shopping?

Photos Courtesy: Imgur

I thought bell bottoms were so two seasons ago, but apparently I was wrong. From Beckham to Duff bell bottoms are in and it’s what you wear to grocery shop ladies. Bell bottoms are casual chic because they make you look fashionable without trying. I mean seriously bell bottoms are just excessively flared jeans. Nevertheless there are specific rules to be followed when buying bell bottoms.

1. The hem should be as wide as your foot—don’t over do it

2.  Loose at the knee– but not too loose because that’s just a baggy boyfriend jean from 07′ and not too tight because then that’s total 90’s

Sorry to be so specific, but I want everyone to look their best. Finally pair your ultra flared jeans with a fitted shirt don’t wear anything baggy on top because then you look like flowy mess. Wear a tight tee or dress it up with a fitted blouse.


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