I like Boys Who Wear Sweaters

Sweaters have this reputation of being big  fuzzy, itchy,patterned, hoodless sweatshirts…but it’s just not true.

Sweaters are SEXY especially on a GUY. 

In my eyes a guy in a sweater tells the world he can pull off a weirdly patterned sweater while still looking masculine and that’s hot. Sweaters basically say “cuddle with me please” especially when a guy wears them. So warm and soft I say why not. They’re the perfect mx up in a guys wardrobe from the regular plaid button downs and white-tees a nice wool sweater says a whole lot. So boys this winter if you want to be cuddling up on these cold winter days wear a sweater and grab your girl.

Photo Credit: Weheartit.com

One thought on “I like Boys Who Wear Sweaters

  1. I’m a guy and I love wearing wool sweaters, either when staying in or going out on the town. More than that, I do feel sexy wearing them.

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