Why do we wear Owls?

In the summer, it was a good idea to wear feathers in our hair and our earrings. The feather trend has gone full on bird with the “owl”. Every where I look I see girls with owls in the ears, around their necklaces, and even on their wrist.

I don’ t know how I feel about this latest bird trend. Why owls, why not cats, or cheetahs? But then I thought about it, owls symbolize wisdom, wealth, intelligence and much more. Maybe girls think these wise creatures will instill them with some wisdom of their own.


2 thoughts on “Why do we wear Owls?

  1. It’s retro too. There are a lot of vintage owl pieces, like the necklace that is in sections. I like birds a lot, owls don’t top my list though. Haven’t jumped on this train.

    Did a post Monday about how critters keep showing up in spring trends this year, butterflies to roaches and everything inbetween. I guess it’s always got to be something and the it comes around full cirlce 20-30 years later.

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