Cold Weather Beauty Tips

Baby it’s cold outside!

 Even though it’s cold and almost winter does’ mean it’s time to bundle up and hibernate. It’s actually time to work overtime keeping  your swimsuit body and your skin in tip top shape. When the flakes being to hit the ground people start to let themselves go and give up because they are covered in 5 layers so they think people will see less of them. Before they know it’s April and they are hitting the gym like a phene to get back their pre-winter bod. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t become that person of the latter.

Keep Moisturized. 

The winter sucks all the moisture from your skin, so it’s super important to keep moisturized. You can go to extremes and lather up with some baby oil. (Baby or not baby oil is amazing for the skin). Or you can just get a generic lotion and moisturize the bod. I always turn to Vaselines Coca Butter Deep Conditioning lotion because it’s said to make your skin glow and is amazing for darker skin tones. (Black or white I don’t want you looking “ashy” during these winter months).

Smooth Lips. 

Along with your body make sure your keep your lips moisturized too. Chapped lips are one of the most unattractive things. I personally adore Neutrogena  Naturals chapstick. After using it just once in the morning my lips stay moisturized for a good 4hrs I have to say that’s along time. I also enjoy the Coca Butter stick which is really big and really works.

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