I love Peacoats and Booties

If you’re a guy and you just read that headline you probably think I am about to talk about girls asses, but get your mind out of the gutter I am about talk about coats and shoes duhh. Which probably means guys have already stop reading this post.

So let’s continue ladies. Peacoat and booties are winter chic. It’s the perfect combination for being warm and sexy. Wear your favorite short dress with stockings, booties, a scarf and top it off with an ultra sexy, sliming, peacoat. Personally I love white peacoats and black booties. A white coat in the winter isn’t too matchy matchy it’s the perfect way to wear the season. Booties are just an updated ankle boot which come in so many styles, the possibilities are endless. Since I go to school in Ithaca it’s always cold up here. So when we go out I always telling my girls we need to be warm and sexy at the same time. Most people walk outside half naked in this cold weather, but the pneumonia you get afterwards is so not worth it. So, don’t take the chance. A peacoat and booties is a safe sexy route, but don’t break you’re neck in the heels. Watch out for black ice <3.

Photos Courtesy: weheartit.com


4 thoughts on “I love Peacoats and Booties

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