I “MUSTACHE” You A Question?

I always thought mustaches were for old people, old men to be exact. But times have changed apparently.

People are mustached obsessed.

I just don’t get it. Girls are making tumblers about these mustaches. This above lip fascial hair is becoming an accessory to wear as a necklace, to put on your fingernails, mustaches are on mugs the world is currently mustache crazed. Girls are drawing mustaches on their fingers or even wearing fake mustaches. I think it’s hilarious, but it’s weird. Why are we currently so obsessed?

Photos Courtesy:weheartit.com

5 thoughts on “I “MUSTACHE” You A Question?

  1. Hipsters can have the hype of the ironic mustache… I just like the idea that a grown man, most likely someone’s uncle, can look himself in the mirror before he goes to work and think, “this mustache – this is the one.” That’s where my respect for the mustache lies!

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