Don’t Piratize, Accessorize with a Hair Scarf

Back in 09′ it was cool to wear head scarves pirate style. Celebrities really embraced the trend covering up their whole heads with silky scarves. The look was cool, but that was then and this is now.

Scarves continue to be an essential hair accessorize but they are taking on a more headband 50’s-esque type look. Everywhere, I see girls pulling back there hair and accessorizing with silk scarves by tying them up in all types of fun knots. The knot is essential to  this latest trend. Some take a scarf tie it once and let the ends fly and I have to say it looks cute. Others are more advanced making knots that look like flowers and positioning them on the side of their head. Some people are doing this fancy knot which kind of just sits in the middle of your head, but the ends are tie down. I don’t it’s kind of hard to describe, but it all looks good.

I think a scarf is the perfect way to subtly change your hair without going to extremes. Best part scarves are the perfect replacement for hats in the winter and they are way cheaper too.


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