“Scarf” this down Boys & Girls

Wearing a coat doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. But, wearing a coat and a scarf adds a little more truth to the theory.

I don’t know who said scarves weren’t cool, but they were oh so very wrong. Scarves are ultra cool and a smart fashionable accessory for guys and girls. They add chic structure to boring black coats and dreary winter days. There are a million and one ways to wrap them and wear them. Personally I like to fold mine in half put it around my neck and then loop the end of the scarf through the fold. (I hope you could understand that one.) Scarves look especially hot on guys. There is just something masculine and sexy about it. A guy wearing a scarf says things to me like, “I have so much swagger I can wear a scarf and yes I know I look good while doing it” I don’t know but that’s the vibe I get it. Be chic wear a scarf, not wearing one isn’t worth the pneumonia.

Photos Courtesy:weheartit.com

One thought on ““Scarf” this down Boys & Girls

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