Thigh High Socks are Sexy

Thigh highs shouldn’t be on your wish list they should be on your “I NEED THIS” list. 

I go to school in Ithaca. It’s a very cold but beautiful place. The cold will get to you no matter how much you want to ignore it. After this weekend I learned many things about how to dress during these upcoming cold weather nights. First do not wear a skirt, t-shirt, and ankle boots and think you are going to be warm just by wearing a peacoat. That’s what my friend did and she didn’t even make it through the night because she was so cold.

So how should you dress?

Take advice from me the warm and smart fashionista. I took a different route. I wore a skirt and boots, but I wore thigh highs with my boots. When I was indoors I would fold the socks down so they only showed a little bit over my boot and then when I went outside into the 20 degree weather I hiked by thigh highs real high so they covered my whole thigh. I wasn’t completely warm, but I also wasn’t an icicle like the rest of my friends. I will also be selfless and say I looked sexy. There is something about the way thigh highs cover your legs but leave a little bit of skin showing, just enough to leave people curious. It’s the best way to look warm, cute, and a little bit half naked this winter. Play it up have fun.


One thought on “Thigh High Socks are Sexy

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