Boys & Their Pants–Too Tight, Too Baggy, Too Long, Too Short

I think men’s style is too often forgotten in the fashion blogs and in fashion in general. I will wholeheartedly admit I have committed this crime because my blog is mostly devoted to women, but as the year comes to an end I am on a mission to change that. When boys are stylish it’s hot and although boys don’t have as much selection as girls there is still some selection. Let’s take the most essential item in a man’s wardrobe—the jean.

There are a million and one ways that guys can wear their jeans. A new emerging trend is the rolled up pant, which I think is more of a summer look and on the right body it looks cool. Some guys do commit fashion suicide by wearing their pants to tight when it comes to the “rolled up look”. I think the look should be effortless. With a fitted pair of jeans roll up your pants, throw on some boat shoes, and a v-neck and you are summer chic. Some guys would say this look is a little to daring for them, but they really need to take chances and think outside of the box.

I am so over this baggy jeans look. I don’t know how many times I can say it, but “”I don’t want to see your underwear.” I really don’t care if you are wearing Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, boxers or briefs. Guys need to pull their pants up and that includes Justin Bieber.

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One thought on “Boys & Their Pants–Too Tight, Too Baggy, Too Long, Too Short

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