Pearls and Bows—The Ultra Feminine Comeback

At some point in a girl’s life, bows are apart of her wardrobe. From hair to dresses and more, bows are the perfect little knots that define women in the most feminine way. They’re chic, delicate, and pretty. No matter where you put them, it really is the perfect feminine touch. Bows are making a comeback in the coolest way. Most often they’re tied on the lower back of a dress however the latest trend is a sweater with ribbon to tie a bow right below the neck. I have to say it looks beautiful. The other day a girl wore her hair in a ballerina bun and a there was a bow right underneath her neck and it looked fantastic. She completed the look with an age old gem, a pearl necklace.

Pearls have also made their return to girls wardrobes. They are not the pearls we wore in 8th grade that were extremely plastic and strangely rainbow. These pearls look more realistic and go perfectly with a sweater or a simple blouse. It’s the perfect accessory to wear when you know you need one more thing to complete your look. The best part about these two items is this girly-ness. I don’t know about you, but I am a total girly girly and for some reason this just screams pink dollhouses and toy boxes.


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