The Kardashian Christmas Card in 3D

It’s the most wonderful time of year.

I have total Kardashian envy because they are famous for nothing but at the same time I am totally obsessed with their family. I just can’t help it, it’s a strange addiction. Kim displayed the family Christmas card on her website this morning and I have to say I like last year’s better, but let me tell you how I feel about the fashion in this new 3D card.

First off Kris Jenner should not be wearing that sequenced dress. The woman is not in her teens she needs to accept her age and start dressing like it. Can you imagine the amount of spanxs she has under that dress sucking everything in. I mean Jesus woman, that must be unhealthy. The other thing she can’t model I mean her feet are turned in, in all the wrong ways.

Kendall and Kylie look phenomenal. I mean wow those two really are models and they look stunning. They definitely have the Jenner body not the Kardashian body. The girls are also getting their own TV show. So that’s more Kardashian for us. They should rename E! the Kardashian Network. I mean seriously how many shows do they have three,four. It’s crazy.I feel bad for Rob they put him in the corner facing sideways. He is always forgotten so sad.

Khloe and Lamar, now that is a striking couple they look great.

Kim stands practically front and center in a women’s tuxedo and all I have to say is ehh. She just looks boring.

Now Mason look at him the little poser. I think he takes after his father. Kourtney is positioned on a chair and let me say, wow what an “ass”. I thought Kim was the one with all the junk in the trunk. But Kourtney is totally stealing her fame in this pic. I am going to guess the extra oomph is from her pregnancy so it will be gone in no time. I really don’t understand why they would put her in a leather dress when she is pregnant. I mean seriously come on.


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