Blazers and Dresses, A City Look

I will be heading into the city this  Friday and I have to say I am uber excited. I love Christmas in New York. So of course my biggest

dilemma is what to wear. I mean I am sure of one thing, which is layer, layer, layer but after that I really don’t know what to wear.

The blazer and dress look is one of my many options. As I form the look in my head I think this is something that might work if the weather is 40 degrees or higher. I love this look because the blazer is very structured, but the dress is flowy and whimsical. It’s the perfect mix between masculine and feminine. I think this look would really work with a pair of boots and tights or a pair of boots and thigh highs. Do you see where I am going here people? Top it all off with a warm peacoat, knitted hat, and a wool scarf. This would be the perfect combination of all my blog posts and the perfect outfit, but only if it’s 40 degrees or warmer.


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