Socks & Heels, It Could Work

5 Days until Christmas and it’s my Birthday!

I have always thought socks and heels were for little girls. I remember being a little girl and my mom would always put my in big puffy   dresses with those ankle socks and little black shoes that had miniature shoes. I mean of course I looked cute. Most recently I have seen people my age trying out this trend and i have to say it works, but there are rules.

You can’t be an Ugly Betty wearing heels with bright yellow socks. The other thing is you can’t wear socks with open toe shoes. I think it looks really strange and completely ruins the look. So the best way to go about the socks and heels trend is to wear closed toe pumps with knitted socks. This is the way to do the trend right.  Socks and heels should be worn with skirts and dresses never with jeans or pants because that just looks ugly. I think the socks and heels look is perfect for the winter. Follow my rules and keep warm in your heel this season.

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2 thoughts on “Socks & Heels, It Could Work

  1. Totally agree with you Dominique! I love pairing socks with heels, but never with open toe shoes – it really does ruin an otherwise beautiful, stylish outfit! I always make sure I go for socks that are a little quirky, or have a little interesting detail on them to add a fun, creative twist to an outfit!

    And of course, as you say only try this look with dresses & skirts! It does look strange otherwise!

    Fab post 🙂 Stay stylish, xoxo

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