A Very Made Under Sammi Sweetheart

On Jersey Shore it normally take her about 2 hours to put on her face and at this photo shoot for XOJANE it took a mere five minutes. The girl is beautiful under all that caky make up. She is literally at model status. Normally Sammi puts on: Foundation, concealer, “lots” of bronze,loads of eyeliner, eye shadow, fake eye lashes, and “always” lip gloss. Isn’t that insane I am surprised her pores can breath. You don’t even want to know what she does to her hair. This girl looked stunning in this made under photo shoot. Yet, she still didn’t think she was tan enough, when asked “How often do you tan?” she said, “I tan…actually I’m looking a little pale right now, but normally when I do things like photo-shoots or events I do a spray tan. Of course, I love to be tan.” Check out the rest of the interview here. 


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