Brush Your Lips


I’m not kidding brush you’re lips. During the winter season, your lips always get chapped, like really  chapped. So here is the remedy. Right before you’re going to go out to your holiday party. Take a tooth brush wet it just a little, keep your mouth closed and brush your lips. Be sure to get off all the flakiness. Within minutes your lips should be moisturized and smooth. So why should you do this instead of putting on chap stick? Umm well because it lasts longer and it’s a whole lot cheaper. After you brush your lips put on your favorite  colored lipgloss or lipstick. Go for a playful pink, its fun and unexpected.  Don’t go for the typical red, that’s so cliche. Brushing your lips doesn’t have to be a special occasion type deal, nor does it have to be a seasonal thing. I do it all the time, it’s completely apart of my beauty regime each day.


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