How Short is Too Short

Happy, Merry Christmas Eve!

I love skirts, I love dresses they are the perfect items to wear when you want to show off your legs, but there is a limit to how much leg you  should be showing.I’m in college so every girl wears short skirts and dresses when it comes time to go out and I am all for it. Lately, however girls have been going to extremes with the lengths of their skirts and dresses. And when I say extremes I mean, no morals. Forget about even bending down. Some girls skirts are so short that they spend 75% of their time making sure their you know what isn’t being revealed to the world. It’s a serious problem when you can’t enjoy your time out because you decided to wear a strip of material that barely covers your two butt cheeks.

Their is a limit to how short things can be. The picture above is a prime example of what’s too short. It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 17 you should never wear a skirt this short, NEVER.

Extreme shortness is not cute, it’s just plain old trashy. There is no reason to be like Snookie showing your “who ha” to the world there is absolutely no reason. Girls need to learn to respect themselves because I think a lot of us have lost that, and that’s just so sad.

So what’s the right length? Well, when it comes to tight skirts, like the ones you go out in. The skirt should be above the knee. Look in the mirror and perform this test. With the skirt on check yourself out, if the front looks good turn sideways and check yourself out again. Then take one hand and put it  vertically right below your butt cheek. If your entire hand touches any part of your skin, it means your skirt is too short. But if your entire hands lies entirely on the skirt it means you’re in the clear. I hope you take my advice because I am tired of girls spending half their time out pulling down their skirt and I’m tired of girls disrespecting themselves. Come on ladies have some class!


4 thoughts on “How Short is Too Short

  1. Finally someone who understands! It’s outrageous how short some girls skirts are, it’s disgraceful. They think that’s how they’re going to get everyone’s attention. Yeah.. they will but the wrong kind of attention. A girl should only be noticed on how classy she is, how well she holds herself and how graceful she is.

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