JWoww’s Stick On Bikini Line

I know it’s full blown winter, so sorry for talking about bathing suits, but this is something that couldn’t wait for summer.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley is using her Jersey Shore fame to create an interesting line of bathing suits. She has partnered with Perfect Tan Bikini to create tan line free strapless bikinis. The tops of the bikinis are lined with Stick2U, a patented silicon adhesive which is activated by the increase n body heat. So the hotter it gets the more it sticks.  So if you look at the bikini from the back it looks like your topless and if you look from the front, it’s just two patches covering your boobs. If you want to extra secure there are clip on straps which come with every bikini. JWoww models every bikini from her line, of course. And I must say the girl looks gorgeous. A little too tan, but still stunning. I bet she will be wearing one of these bikini on the latest season of Jersey Shore. 

Photo Courtesy:Perfect Tan Bikini

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