Penn Badgley’s very Curly Fro

Gossip Girl’s, Penn Badgley has surely moved on from Blake Liveley. Alongside new girlfriend Zoe Kravitz he appears happy, yet homeless. Wearing a faded t-shirt and swim trunks Badgley causes me to wonder a few things. First of all why does he have shoes with him on the beach? They both have shoes in their hands. Haven’t they heard of flip flops, seriously. Next I must speak about the oh so obvious hair situation. Why does he have an afro? His hair is too thin to actually have an afro so it doesn’t even look full, I think his hair is also thinning in the front. Badgley looks like a mess, his chest hair is coming out of the top of his shirt. Oh boy I really hope he cleans himself up before he returns to the set of Gossip Gril. 

Credit: Thibault Monnier/Pacific Coast News

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