The Big Bad Bag Returns

This past summer it was all about the cross body bad and super tiny pocketbooks, but it’s time to return to the roots of true baggage. Oversized bags are bag in style for this winter and will continue to be an essential accessory into the summer. So what do I mean by big exactly?

Making a comeback are satchels and when I say satchel I mean the two handled bag that you hold effortlessly on your arm. I don’t know what happened last season but everyone started calling cross body bags, satchels and I’m sorry people but a cross body bag is not a satchel. A satchel has two handles and is much larger than a cross body bag. So for this season I am begging you to get your purse vocabulary right.

As you head out to shop for the post-Christmas sales make sure you but the shopper bag on your list. It’s a cousin of the tote, rectangular and sturdy, it’s the  perfect bag to get through the winter season ahead. I personally have my eye on a specific one at Zara which is a mere $30.00. (I know crazy) I have to look into it a little bit more before purchasing it because of course I have specific bag requirements.

Photos Courtesy: Zara and

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