Hoop Earrings–How Big Can You Go?

Hoop earrings started off as a fad and have become a fad that will never leave. I refuse to define hoops as a staple jewelry item because I really don’t like them that much. I believe more and more people wear hoops the wrong way rather than the right way. There is a limit to how big a hoop can be. People often go to extremes and their hoops are so large, that you wonder if the earring could be worn as a bangle. Hoops are often so big that you can’t even wear them as a bracelet and that’s when you have serious accessory problems. Beyonce, above,is a serious victim of large hoops. Even though they are Chanel that doesn’t make them any better, the hoops are just simply to big for her or anyone for that matter.

It’s hard to judge size because I believe different sizes work for different faces,but a size that can fit on your wrist is too big for everyone. For those you that do wear hoop earrings, try to update a bit. Try a hoops with diamonds rather than the usual hoop with gold and silver. But please I beg of you don’t wear hoops with your name in or it, or your baby’s daddy’s  name in it. That’s so trashy, honestly.


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