Lipstick or Lipgloss–What do you prefer?

I have always felt like lipstick was for women. To me there have been special requirements, lipstick wearers should drive their own cars,have their own apartments, and have a job they love. Women who meet these requirements are in there mid to late twenties, so I have never seen the reason to wear lipstick because I am not at this point. So for now I stick to lipgloss I feel it’s a little more my age, although I am 19. Lipgloss is a little more girly and must I say childish. But I think all girls should wear lipgloss until there mid twenties. Lipstick is so rouge and womanly, while lipgloss is playful and fun. I really don’t understand why girls my age and younger are wearing lipstick and sometimes even lip liner, I just think they are trying to grow up to fast and it also looks really weird on them. Their lips just are not ready for the mauve look. So for now I’m sticking to lipgloss at least until I have my own car, my own apartment, and a job that I love.

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