Real Men Wear V-neck Tees

The v-neck tee is becoming ever more prevalent in guy style, however, guys have this idea that real mean don’t wear v-neck tees.  Well they are wrong. I love when a guy shows some collarbone, it’s hot and different for once. The regular high cropped tee is so predictable and ordinary. A v-neck is a necessary and good change for a man’s wardrobe. There is a limit to how deep the “V” can be however. If you’re a guy and you put on a v-neck and your chest hair is popping out or the V is right in between your nipples, it mean the V is too deep. For men who want to remain real men while wearing v-necks, the V should come to the top of your chest to reveal just a little bit of collarbone and that’s it. Anything deeper is weird and awkward. But really guys try a v-neck just to mix things up every now and then. Girls mix it up all the time we wear every kind of shirt, scoop neck, baby doll, umpire,strapless…

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