2011 Style Staples

The Blazer 

The blazer is an essential piece that is here to stay. During the winter season it was the perfect way to go out without wearing a coat. The masculine shoulders and feminine cut at the waste was the perfect mix. For the spring season the blazer will very remain the perfect item to wear when a coat isn’t necessary, however colors like blue and black will not work for spring. Think bold, bright, colors like pinks and oranges. Look out for bright blazers this coming season. You’ll be pairing them with cut off shorts and tangerine tees it’s sounds crazy, but it’s going to be beautiful.

Neutral Cardigan

The cardigan came back in modern form this year. No longer was it a grandma sweater, rather it was the perfect piece to add when you wanted something more neutral and comfy. Cardigans will be seen topping dresses and skirts this coming spring.

Leather Leggings

Leggings returned to our closets in 2007 and they continue to remain their. I don’t know about you, but I own hundreds of leggings in so many styles.  Knitted, cotton, polyester, whatever your preference there are so many options for these skin tight pants. This year the real go to option was leather, it made any outfit look sexy and effortless. I don’t know if the leather will become a spring staple. I mean who wants to wear leather in 70 degree weather.

Sequins Sequins Sequins

Winter or spring sequins will continue to shine this season and into the next. By adding a touch of sequins you can look super classy and by adding a whole bunch of sequins you’re party girl ready. It’s all about how much and in which way. Sequins can be worn anywhere from skirts, to shirts, to leggings the possibilities are just ridiculous.


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