What Does a Stylish Man Wear?

If you’re a man that knows how to dress it doesn’t mean you’re metrosexual or flamboyant it only means one thing and one thing only. You are a man with style. I don’t know why so many men neglect male fashion because it’s just as important as woman’s fashion. I love when a man knows how to dress, it means he knows how to present himself and it means he cares about the way he looks and that’s not a bad thing. If a man doesn’t know how to dress, to me it means he doesn’t care about the way he looks some people may like guys like that, but I don’t.

Men’s style has become a mix of sportswear, preppy and classic pieces.  There are so many options out there and few guys really see it. Instead of a tee-shirt and jeans. Try out jeans, a classic sweatshirt and a bomber jacket. Just like girls there are accessories for guys too. Make use of the scarf, match it with a cable-knit sweater and wrap it around your neck. Wear a blazer, dress it down with a tee or a marl hooded sweatshirt . It’s time for men to start caring about their style, take advantage of what you wear.


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