Gentlemen Put on A Skinny Tie

Personally I believe Matt Bomer, from the television show White Collar, brought back the skinny tie. The skinny tie is thin simplicity,it’s the perfect tied for the young business man. I don’t know a lot about ties, but what I can say is a guy in a suit with a skinny is a whole more attractive than a guy in a suit with a regular tie. I will admit skinny ties are for a certain type of man. You need to be confident, thin, bold, and stylish to wear a skinny tie, those are my requirements at least. For the guys that are reading this, I bet you’re wondering why you should be taking my advice and why you should care about fashion and I have an answer for you. If you want to attract women you need to listen to them. By listening to my fashion advice it will be that much easier to attract a girl, because I’m a girl and I know what I like to see men wear. Women like men who have style. Now hurry up and go buy your skinny ties if you want a woman by your side. and


3 thoughts on “Gentlemen Put on A Skinny Tie

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