Bracelets are for Boys Too

The only accessory I ever see guys wear are watches. I have nothing against watches, but I’m bored. Why not try something new like a bracelet. Now boys I’m not talking about tennis bracelets with tons of diamonds or charm bracelets or bangles. I’m talking about simple leather bracelets that look masculine and bracelets that can be worn by men. Have you ever heard of Links of London they make the coolest cord bracelets and necklaces for the “modern man”. The guy pictured in the blue striped shirt is wearing a knock off Links of London bracelet and I have to say love the way it looks. Also try bracelets with beads there are so many colors and hues. Wear a bracelet with your watch or wear it alone, it doesn’t matter have fun with your wrists. Don’t be afraid to try something new, boys can wear accessories too.

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