High Heels:How High is Too High?

I absolutely love shoes, I especially can’t wait until I own a pair of Christian Louboutins. I’ll make sure I walk in front of everyone so they can see my red bottoms. But enough about me. Ladies, I know you love to wear high heels, but there is a limit to how high they should be. Too many girls think they’re Lady Gaga wearing shoes that don’t have heels or shoes that are so high I wonder why they didn’t just walk on stilts instead. But what I really think is the worst is when a girl wears their 8in platform pumps to job interviews. No one will take you seriously if you’re wearing 8in platforms to an interview, they won’t even take you seriously in the fashion world. Four inches or lower for interviews and six inches or lower for life. There is no reason to wear a shoe that is eight inches high, not even if you are 4ft 11′. When it comes to going out the club, that’s when you can pull out the six inchers, but don’t wear six inch heels for a day in the park it makes no sense. Take my advice I am tired of girls teeter tottering and looking taller than their boyfriends.Oh one more thing those bedazzled Christian Louboutins in the picture above, they’re way too high even though I did try them on in the Christian Louboutin store in the city.


3 thoughts on “High Heels:How High is Too High?

  1. drooling over those Loubs! Im 5’7 and I cannot walk in 4″ heels, I really want to but the fact is I cant! They make my legs look amazing but what the point of that if Im in pain?

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