Spring Preview–Striped City

First I think you should know it took me a few minutes to right that headline I was getting confused between striped and stripped. So I really hope that reads striped and not stripped.

Stripes are such a classic pattern that really never go out of fashion, but they do get pushed to the back of the closet every now and then. Boys and girls stripes are back for spring, but when I say stripes I am not talking about the thick Abercrombie stripes from 2007. I am talking about thin black and white stripes that look classic not prison like. You will see colored stripes here and there but black and white stripes will be very prevalent this spring. There is no need to splurge on every piece of striped clothing you see.  All you need is a really classic shirt that can be worn with all sorts of bottoms. That way you can dress your striped shirt up or down.


2 thoughts on “Spring Preview–Striped City

  1. Nice post! We (Obviously) love stripes! They are so in right now! And lots of ways, options to wear – even now, before Spring. Try making your stripes matter – to be the colors of your favorite team, school, cause, holidays!

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