The Fedora It’s Still In: Wear it Right

From here on out more and more of my posts are going to be geared to spring even though spring doesn’t begin until April, but you do have to start getting ready.

Few people accessorize with hats, but when they do the fedora is one of the go to options. Maybe people think they don’t have the head for hats or that they can’t wear fedora’s but that’s not true. There is a hat out there for everyone and the fedora to be specific is a universal hat that can work for all different types of people. It just comes down to buying the right fedora.  Don’t opt for the fedora with a feather, that you would normally see on a man with a soul patch who plays jazz music. Look for fedora’s that are more wide-brimmed and constructed.Fedora’s are definitely a summer and spring hat, they’re perfect to wear on the beach and in the city when you’re having a bad hair day. One of my favorite looks for girls is the low messy bun with a fedora. Audrina Patridge pulls it off effortlessly in the picture to the left.

One thought on “The Fedora It’s Still In: Wear it Right

  1. I’ve always liked fedoras on other people, but haven’t tried wearing one myself. I wasn’t sure it fit with my style and reflected my personality, which tends to be preppier, but by this article it seems like it can be incorporated into almost any style.

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