Think Bright: Color Block for Spring

I was in shopping in H&M yesterday and there was so much color I couldn’t get away. Blouses and shorts came in all different shades from pinks to oranges to yellows, it was a fashionable candy shop made out of clothing and I just loved it. Spring is my favor season it’s when everyone emerges from hibernation and sheds their layers. So even though it’s still winter, I can’t help but talk about spring, besides this give you a reason to shop. This spring is all about color blocking. What does that mean exactly? Wear a bright pink top with an orange skirt and a yellow bag. Try out red skinny jeans a white a tee topped with a bright white blazer and an orange satchel. Be BRIGHT! Match colors by tones. Cool tones with cool tones, warm tones with warm tones. Have fun don’t be matchy matchy and start looking forward to spring because it’s going to be the most fashionable season yet. 

3 thoughts on “Think Bright: Color Block for Spring

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