Kim & Khloe’s Retail Therapy in Dallas

Kim recently joined Khoe Kardashian Odom in Dallas for some shopping and sisterly bonding. Glad to see these two aren’t fighting anymore. (If you watch their show you know what I mean). It’s Kim’s first trip to the city since Lamar was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. I have to say they really compliment each other in this photo. Especially with their ultra expensive bags. Kim sports the infamous Balenciaga bag and Khloe holds the $4,000 Hermes Birkin. In leggings, a sweater, zebra scarf, and sky-high heels Kim doesn’t exactly live up to Khloe’s height. As Khloe also chose to wear sky-high heels and a sweater. I must admit Dallas is doing Khloe well as her legs appear slimmer and more in shape over all. Still working the ombre hair, I must admit she looks good.

Credit: Brian Prahl/Splash News Online

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